Mataro Blue


Mataro Blue is an exotic indica flower first bred by Kannabia Seeds, a collective which is known for thriving to provide unique and high quality phenotypes. Mataro Blue won 1st place rosin at the 2016 Lift Expo, Toronto, as well as 1st place medical indica at the 2012 Treating Yourself Expo, Toronto.

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Mataró Blue is a unique hybrid cannabis strain that is a cross between 3 top-shelf indica varieties (Blue Monster, Black Domina, Mazar-i-Sharif). It is a strain renowned for its potency and flavor.

Despite its strong indica genetics, Mataró Blue boasts strong balanced effects. Producing a mix of physical and cerebral stimulation, this strain will leave most users nicely buzzed yet still motivated, productive, and euphoric. In large amounts, however, the underlying indica-genetics may take over, leaving you feeling relaxed, sedated, and a bit sluggish.

Mataró Blue is a great strain for both indoor and outdoor grow setups. It reaches very manageable heights, yet still produces heavy harvests of resin-rich buds. Bets of all, it flowers in just 8 weeks indoors.